I have not received bed. Was originally told delivery would be around 5-6pm and then get a text saying I was scheduled from 2-4pm. Delivery service called saying they could not change the time and I would have to be rescheduled for the following week and they could not give me a time until the day before. I called Saatva customer service who was not able to secure a time and told me that would be up to the delivery company's schedule which I would not know until the day before. I work a hour away from my house and am unable to take time off work without at least a week's notice so telling me the day before does not work out for me and I really don't like the idea of having to take a half day off work just because it's convenient for the delivery company.

I would recommend finding a better service which offers customers times to pick from like they do at Sears and other major stores and not what is more convenient for this company. I will give them one more try next week and then unfortunately will need to cancel my order and purchase my bed somewhere else since I really need a bed now and can't wait for a time that is convenient for them instead of me. For a company with such high reviews they chose a really poor delivery company, at least for the Miami area.

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