Ordering over the phone was easy and straightforward. Most questions were answered quickly and accurately, although the delivery process turned out to be different from what I had been promised. The local delivery company did not deliver after 5pm (I was told they would be able to do it until 8pm, to accommodate those who work). The delivery guys did not have protective shoe covers even though that was promised. Also, the mattress was wrapped only in one plastic cover, which got quite dusty in the process of transportation. It had to be taken off before the mattress was brought into the house, however, that left it completely unprotected while they dragged it up the stairs and it got several stains on the sides. There should be another layer of protection included.

We are very satisfied with the mattress itself. It's very comfortable and supportive, but it does not look as pristine or luxurious as on the photos online (the cotton cover is dirty beige rather than pure white). Also, we left it to air for two days before we started sleeping on it, but even a week later there is a slight odor. I'd recommend this product, but I hope you improve the details I mentioned above.

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