We bought the mattress, it arrived as stated, but we noticed that down the center of the bed it was firmer. If two people are lying on their side and roll towards the center you feel like you're going up a slope. It felt as if someone had been sleeping on in like our old mattress, but it looked and smelled brand new. Customer service did state that maybe the drivers had it on its side and it had bent towards the center? We made sure the mattress was place on the box springs properly and gave it a week, but it didn't level out.

We called the office and they did tell us that the mattress is designed to be firmer along the lumbar area, which would be across the width of the mattress so maybe someone placed it vertically instead? We did call the office and it is in the process of being replaced and they are shipping another mattress. We are hoping that the mattress feels level on the entire surface level. Customer service has been very professional and no complaints there.

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