We have had our Saatva mattress for 3 nights now, and are not at all pleased with it. We ordered the "Plush Soft" in a queen size. "Plush" and "Soft" are about the last 2 words I would use to describe it. More like "firm and unyielding". There is no give to the bed at all. Neither my wife or I feel like we sink into the bed at all. I also feel every movement my wife makes in bed. Upon contacting Saatva we were told that since the bed was new and never slept on (like we would expect a used, slept on mattress! There would be a break-in period. I understand that, and yet it feels like we are the ones being broken. My wife wakes up with her arms and shoulders hurting. I wake up with hip pain. If the bed doesn't soften up within the next few days, we plan on returning it. We are very disheartened by this experience.

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