I needed a replacement phone from Safelink. First, it took a whole month for me to get the phone. They supposedly sent the phone by FedEx but every time I would track the phone, it was be sent back to carrier. So, I call to let them know. The representative will always take my info every time but still somehow, the phone always will be sent back to the carrier. Anyway, finally got the phone. It took a whole month to receive the phone.

So now I try to activate it. Day in and day out I'm trying to get this phone activated. The agent tells me they can't activate until I add minutes. I have not receive the free minutes. Why should I have to pay for the minutes if I did not receive free minutes? All I was trying to do was activate the phone. The agent also said that the phone was register under someone else's name and that's why I need to add minutes in order to activate it. She kept asking me "Are you sure you got this phone in the mail?" Stupid, stupid, stupid. I just threw the phone in the trash where it needed to be.

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