My phone was not working right so my daughter bought one for me. I called Safelink and had the plan transferred. They never told me I could not use the phone (LG Lucky android powered). Later when having problems with the phone I was told I cannot use this phone for Safelink. I asked if I could get another phone and use it with Safelink, and they said yes. I bought a tracfone (LG 305c). The store employee called Safelink and they said yes I could use that phone. I called on 11/13,2015 to have it activated and 24 hours later they are still working on it and I have no phone. Then could not call to activate and no time so we used a card with 90 days and 60 min. Still no phone or min or days. If I cannot fix this I would like a refund for both phones.

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