On 11/5/15 I visited my local Department of Social Services building here in Bridgeport, CT to file for food stamps and medicaid. While approaching the building a young man asked me if I was interested in receiving a phone and that I would be eligible to receive one if I get assistance from the state. I told him that I was applying that very day. He informed me that upon approval I could then apply and be approved. To document said approval, all I would have to present to him is a "budget sheet". I then asked how long would he be there, because I had been informed that waiting at the DES building is almost an all day affair. He stated, "until 3 o'clock."

Upon approval of benefits, I made a point to ask for a "budget sheet" from the social worker. The social worker gave me a hand written, letterhead, stamped paper of approval. I presented this to the young man outside of the building, who by this time smelled like alcohol. He took a picture of it with a iPad, Kindle type of device, along with my personal info. Name, d. O. B., address and s. S.#. Then informed me that I will "receive the phone within three days". Today I checked the status of my application online, only to find out that the application has been "rejected" for a lack of documentation! I called the 1800 number and after a series of prompts I was finally in the line with a human who could do nothing other than tell me what I had already read online with no other recourse!!! And she hung up on me. Yes I'm pissed and my tone reflected such, but to hang up on me was rude and unprofessional!!!

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