Safelink Wireless is obviously all about what the government pays them for the free (or low income) cell phone program. Every time I've had to call them regarding some issue, I'm told I need to recertify due to some problem with my account. This is supposed to be done yearly. Now my account has been cancelled for non-use for 60 days. Impossible as I use the phone all the time & am on the phone to call them! Then you have this drone in customer service that won't listen & who talks over you obviously reading from a script. You would also think if there's someone representing a company, they could speak English that's understandable. So even though my phone says I have 877 days left of service & I get my minutes each month I have to go through the hassle of reapplying. I've been in customer service 30 years & this is a prime example of what not to do. Not worth the hassle.

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