A few weeks ago my car was taken for a turbocharger replacement at Turbopacs Ltd in Durham. After a chat and a reasonable quote I decided to go ahead with changing it and getting the DPF cleaned. After 3 days I got the car back, paid £200 on top of the quoted price and got told that I'll receive the receipt on my e-mail. That's when the real problems started. A whistle noise was coming from under the bonnet, apparently it was the "new" turbo. Gave them a call only to be told that it was supposed to do like that being a new part and everything. I believed his word and carried on only after 3 days to get thick blue smoke coming out of the exhaust and high revs. Called them again and got told to get the car back to them, if I want. Took the car to their garage and got old that it is the EGR valve.
They came up with the solution to clean the valve, I agreed and got charged £180 for a EGR valve clean up.

After a few days the car started again to smoke heavily and had high revs. Took it to another garage this time and the results were: the fitted turbocharger was a used one which apparently had failed again – despite the fact that I had paid for a new one, I had no DPF in – someone had made a hole, took the DPF out and welded the case back, EGR cooler snapped – someone had dropped something on it, (probably the turbocharger) and of course the car had not been remapped properly. If needed I can give you the name where I took the car second time just to confirm my sayings.
Additional cost of almost £1600 just because I wanted a turbocharger changed at Turbopacs Ltd in Durham. Haven't received a receipt not even until today and probably never will.

Please do not take your car over to Turbopacs.

That guy Marc is a talker but if you know some mechanic you'll notice he is full of nonsense. They have all sorts of broken turbo's they'll show you to impress but please don't fall for it as I did.

Obviously you'll get ripped off and you'll have to put more money into your car due to the lack of professionalism from this company.

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