Sally Beauty Supply in Newburgh, NY is by far the worst place ever!!! I had a $30 gift card from there that I received from my mother-in-law last Christmas and I decided to use it to buy a new blow dryer. Well… Apparently the people that work there decided to charge the WHOLE amount on my credit card and nothing off the gift card, even though I told the girl especially to just put the difference on my credit card. She then tells me my gift card doesn't swipe and there is nothing she can do with an attitude… Like are you kidding me?! I worked in customer service for 10 years and you're not even willing to call customer service to fix it or maybe just manually enter the numbers on the gift card instead of continuing to swipe it knowing the magnetic strip doesn't work! She also kept my gift card and said that there was nothing on it and that she can't give it back (that's a lie because I never used it and this was my first time in Sally).

So I called their customer service shortly after getting home and the representative Melissa was appalled at how I was treated and said that the District Manager Bonnie would definitely call me by Monday… Well Monday passed and it's been over four weeks and still no call from Bonnie… Now I'm out of a $30 gift card and will NEVER shop at Sally or recommend them! If I could rate them at no stars, I would because they are horrible!

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