I got a call from Maxlaw on the 15.02.16
offering me a loan. The lady Thuthu
asked for my banking details to check if I
qualify, this was merely an enquiry. Few
days later I get an sms saying money will
be debited for a credit assessment which
I never asked for. I told them I did not
request this and that no mention of debit
orders or fees were mentioned. They still
went on to debit my account today
25.02.16 even before my salary date. I
have made numerous calls to them. They
refuse to assist me or refund my money.
This is not legal and I am proceeding with
legal action as well as reporting them to
credit Ombudsman. To date no Manager
(Anica Nakhanya) has even returned my
call. There are hundreds of complaints on
Hello Peter regarding them and sure some
legal action should be instituted against
them. They are extorting money from
people already in financial difficulty. I
just want my money refunded to my
account. This is one big scam people, and
they should be reported on social media
as well to make others aware. I got a call
from David Mahye assuring me that this
matter will be sorted out and the person
will be delt with, but still nothing has been
sorted out.

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