Arrived at Sam's Club on November 14,2015 at approximately 230 or 3pm. Went straight to the AT&T counter and Eric was talking to a co-worker. We were the only customers not being helped. The co-worker left and Eric just stood at the counter steering into space. Another family comes up and ERIC IMMEDIATELY helps them. The wife tells him we were here first and he reluctantly helped us. At checkout we had a problem with our account and stepped away to handle it – Eric helps the other family.

When we arrive back Tanya gets in line and the rest of the family goes to the food court area. A man in an orange sweater arrives and says he had a 7 am appointment. First of all nowhere in the ad does it say we needed an appointment. Have copy of ad. 430 appointment shows up – they are moved ahead of me. 530 appointment shows up and a man cuts in front of me. I say something and the man in the orange sweater along with the 530 appointment Verbally Attacks me. Eric does nothing! My family member goes to get Eric name and leaved – the man in the orange sweater chases after her and they have words in the foyer area. The man in the orange sweater was told he was just a customer and to walk away. Why did Eric have the man in the orange sweater go after her? Husband, Boyfriend, brother???

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