I am an AMEX card holder. I got an email about a month ago that they were offering a promotion: sign up for a new Sam's Club membership and get a $45 statement credit. I ordered a new Sam's Club membership online. I did not read the fine print on the promo however, and it turns out that the new membership must be purchased in person at a store (totally my fault, no argument there). I realized this a few minutes after I had purchased my new membership online.

I called Customer Service who cancelled my new membership order and told me that my $45 would be refunded. It's been more than a month and I still do not have it. That's insane. I realize that the whole issue is my own stupid fault for not reading the fine print, but come on, five weeks to issue a simple refund? This makes me pause when considering whether to actually get a new membership (which I have not actually done yet — waiting for that refund to come through first).

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