I placed an online order to the 96th Sam's Club in Indianapolis. I have done so to other locations and had no issues. However, I sent my husband to pick it up. I placed the order. This morning got a text saying the order had been picked and was ready to be picked up. I sent him to do so. An hour later he texted to let me know they had lost the order. After 2 hours, talking to multiple people who nothing about the order, couldn't find it, had no clue what he was talking about, the customer service agent typed in the order number that my husband had tried to give him WHEN HE FIRST GOT THERE and REFUSED TO TAKE. The agent gave my husband the impression he was just trying to see how long he delay the process just to see what my husband would do.

If I had not already paid for the order, he would have walked out. If I could have cancelled the order, I would have. I will never step foot inside that particular Sam's club again. I have never had any issue but to wait for over 2 HOURS for a 3 yes THREE item order is ridiculous. We spend a lot of money at Sam's. I guess we won't be from now on.

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