I wanted to comment about your gas station worker/attendant at the Woodmen Road, Colorado Springs. His name is Hubert. I have observed Hubert's attitude over the last few years. Not sure how long he has been there and do not know Hubert personally but he has exhibited such a positive and contagious attitude. This gentleman really makes me want to come back to Sam's. I have observed Hubert�s customer interaction and he really puts his all into helping people serve up the gas and goes the extra mile to make a happy customer. Recently, I was filling my truck up and forgot to replace my gas cap and close the gas cap door. Hubert noticed that as I drove off. Hubert made every effort and gained my attention to correct my discrepancy. I was really impressed. No one has done that in the past anywhere. Fortunately I have not made this mistake too much but I am grateful for a guy like Hubert who take their job seriously and go above and beyond themselves to do things right.

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