I'm writing to you because I have reason to believe that you believe Sam's Club could be better than Cost-Co, but they are not. I took off work early thinking I would be able to slip in and get my glasses repair and slip out. I was again taken aback in disappointment when I arrived and seeing a sign. (Optical is out to lunch will be back @ 4:15PM). This had been the third time I needed eye care and no one was around to assist me. I had to wait over thirty minutes.

Once she arrive she was nice and sorry. However, that still did not help me from having to rush back to pick up my child from daycare, having to wait around wasting over 30 minutes when there should have been another person to assist me. I now have to pay extra on the care of my child along with not getting my glasses fixed because the optical care does not carry my frame any longer. I know it is no money out of your pocket nor it seems out of Sam's Club pocket losing a client in optical care, but I will also make it known on websites of this lack of customer care so others will not be troubled as I was. I was told you would be calling me because you had a day off (11/04/2015, Wednesday). However, what I like to see done is someone stepping up and caring.

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