Absolutely nuts. New Samsung tv not jiving with Netflix. Worked for a month, then started to stall at 25%. 8 separate calls to customers service. 2 hours with the first tiers. Over 8 hours on 4 separate calls with remote management. An additional 4 hours just waiting on the phone. 3 broken promises for return phone calls. Finally get escalation to "Executive Customer Service". Turns out it is some small subcontractor in the Dominican Republic who has not power to resolve your problem. The system is set up to wear you down. No one has the authority to actually deal with problems that the remote management team cannot solve. Even though there Engineers are feverishly working to crank out a new software patch to solve this problem, they take no official responsibility and eventually just blame it on Netflix. (Even though there is no problem with Netflix on my laptop or phone.) This experience would definitely keep me from ever buying another Samsung product.

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