Customer service level is a joke. We have been waiting 3 weeks for a faulty fridge to be collected and that was after it took them a month to give us a refund.

Whilst they were processing the refund they called us daily to arrange collection of the fridge as they wanted it before we received the money. I refused to give them the fridge until we received the money in our account.

Once we go the money we have heard nothing. Now i have a piece of garbage sitting in my garage where I can no longer park my car.

I was informed by customer service that they onloy way for them to contact their logistics provider is via email Apparently logistics companies only accept emails not phone calls… FUNNY I WORK IN LOGISTICS AND THAT IS COMPLETE AND UTTER BS

Massive loss for samsung I will never buy a product of theirs again and currently my house is mainly Samsung appliances and we upgrade every 2 years…

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