I had a gear 2 for 10 months and it worked great, but then it stopped holding a charge in regular mode, but was still fine in power saver mode. First reset fixed the battery drain issue, but when it happened again and the reset did not work, I sent my watch, in perfect condition back to Samsung per the techs instructions. After four days, I got an email saying my watch was out of warranty and to get the battery fixed I would have to pay $243. Knowing my watch was fine, I called them since it had to be a mistake and I was told there was a crack on the screen. Was not the case when shipped. Samsung would not send me a picture, they would do nothing other than take my money or send it back. When I got the watch back sure enough there was a very clear crack on the face. Now there is nothing I can do, it is a sad statement on someone who must have dropped the watch to just say "Nope it came in cracked" Just unbelievable how you are completely at their mercy. My watch was in great condition with a battery issue when I sent it to them and I get back a watch with a clear crack and still a battery issue. I wish there was another watch on the market that competes with this watch. Samsung Customer Service are liars and crooks.

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