I had cracked my S4handset screen and based on the ADH and samsung promise to repair a screen or water damage at least once, i booked my phone for repair at Samsung Constantia on the 12th October. Today is the 5th November, i have not heard back from Samsung yet aside from me calling the centre and speaking to totally "unhelpful" consultants who sound completely irritated by my call. Firstly the lines are either constantly busy or it rings continually and then the consultants treat me with utmost contempt.
Is it unreasonable to expect some form of communication from their service centre after 1 month of repairs? The answer i got was that, they will only let me know when my phone has been repaired. And, by the way, even though samsung will pay for the screen, i am liable for payment of the 'screen cage' which is also damaged!? So the ADH promise is not so free after all?

The consultants that I dealt with thus far is Lesego, Jeffrey, Clara and Refilwe and I can safely say that they should not be in the Samsung "CARE" centre.
I may or may not get a response on my e-mail but I definitely would reconsider my next handset purchase.

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