I have been a happy Samsung customer for the past 8 year using the Galaxy s3, s5 and s6. However my s6 met some unfortunate situations with water damage when it was only 2 months old then again at 4 months old… I was pleasantly surprised and grateful when it was repair free of charge to me under the manufacturers warranty for water damage to the mother board. I was not surprised when it was returned to me after the 3rd unfortunate incident of water damage. However the only information given to me over my voicemail was that is was unrepairable and would be returned to me in the same condition I submitted in… They told me to call with any questions so of course I wanted to know why it was beyond repair and why they did not even give me the option of paying for the charges myself (thinking it must be cheaper than purchasing a new phone, right?!) I called Samsung to better understand why it was unrepairable. All I was told is that the technicians deemed it unrepairable. I asked them what the problem was and again they answered me by saying it was unrpariable… So I again asked what components could not be repaired and i was told that all they knew was that it could not be fixed. I asked to speak to another rep as I had a difficult time understanding the thick accent. He agreed to connect me to another rep and instead put me on hold for 1 hour and 6 min!!! So I hung up and called again. This time I hung up after only 20 min. The third time I called I asked to speak to a supervisor. After multiple short holds I was indeed connected to a supervisor. I told her I have been a very happy customer of Samsung and owner of multiple phone with them however I would absolutely never purchase another Samsung product after the poor service I had received over the past 3 hours with Samsung's customer service. Samsung boasts a great customer service experience… That was the exact polar opposite of my experience!

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