Samsung washer and dryer are of poor quality, don't wash properly and the dryer needs to run at least 2 hours to dry 1 blanket Inferior quality for the price of $1800.00 for the set. Would have been better off buying the old type, more efficient. AS for Samsung Customer service, very rude, not understanding or knowledgeable about their products. We were hung up on at least 3 times in 2 hours when we asked to speak to a manager. Very uncooperative to get our laundry set serviced. Will not buy another Samsung product again. If I had the money, would throw out washer and dryer and buy another set with another name on it. Very disappointed by this outcome. This set is not even a year old. My old Kenmore set was still good but gave it to my son. Maybe II will give him this set and take my old set back. Also, service company isn't much better than Samsung

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