2014 I purchased model RF217ACRS refrigerator from Sears. Went well until I had problem when the freezer defrosted and lost all my food. Called Samsung and they gave me a company to come out. They came out and recharged the unit. Okay for a couple weeks and put dye to see if there was anymore leaks and to seal any leaks. About three weeks later freezer went to 57 degrees. I called and rep came out. He pulled lower freezer panel and he asked me when I replaced the coils. I told him it was a new fridge and only purchased in February of 2014. So as I see it I purchased a reconditioned fridge from Sears at full price. Still waiting to see what they are doing to do. I also made purchases of a stove and dishwasher at the same time. Took picture of the reconditioned coil also.

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