Don't buy Samsung!!! Purchased Samsung washer model WF330ANW/XAA02. Was top rated in Consumer Guide. Spent big $'s from Sears on 5/28/2011 used. With only two of us living in the house any more 1 or 2 loads of laundry per week the drum is split and leaking. Not repairable and guess what no warranty from Samsung!!! DO NOT BUY SAMSUNG ANYTHING or anything made in Korea! Out $1,275 for the set and now have to go buy new ones. Ironically we bought this set as we didn't want to have issues when we moved into a new house. Guess we should have taken the Maytag set from the old house as it's 15 years old and still going strong without even one issue with a family of 5 using them!!! Three of them were teens cramping as much into them as they could possibly fit!

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