I bought a Samsung refrigerator RS263TDR from my local Lowe's store. About 18 moths later ice would collect on the back wall & water at the bottom of the fridge department. I called Samsung customer service and they advised me to go to a local certified Samsung repair shop. After the first year, Samsung customer service told me that these parts are not under warranty, repair cost $275.00. Just a few months later the ice maker was defective and water level was out of adjustment and too much water would overflow over the existing ice cubes. The ice cubes would become just one big block of ice and a sensor was dangling in the ice maker area. So we shut the ice maker off.

A few months later the entire refrigerator shut down and we could not restart it again. Samsung technician told us that the main electronic motherboard is burnt and this is a major part and shall be covered for at least 5 years.in my disbelieve Samsung does not cover it after just one year. It is not worth it to repair this unit again! Parts and labor over $850. I had to replace my Samsung side by side refrigerator RS263TDR just after 3 1/2 years!!!

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