My husband and I purchased a LG French Door Fridge when they first came out. It lasted 3 years, the motherboard died. After much research we purchased a Samsung French Door Fridge model RF266AEWP. As of right now, the noise from the fan in the fridge hitting the accumulated ice is pretty loud. Loud enough that I cannot hear a conversation in the next room. My husband called Samsung in regards to this (after we had defrosted the fridge 4 times since June of 2015) and they said that we would have to have a repair person come in and fix it to the tune of $140.00. Samsung has been aware of this defect since 2005 and has done nothing to rectify the situation.

Needless to say I have now joined the thousands of other consumers in a class action lawsuit against Samsung. Now onto the Samsung stove we purchased. We purchased a Samsung stove, had it installed. I did the self-clean cycle on the stove one night and opened it to wipe out the soot that was inside and noticed that on the bottom panel of the stove, the paint had melted. My husband called Samsung and was told to shut the stove off and shut the gas off to it as there was a defect and the house could blow up. HMMMMMM just a little scary.

We called Best Buy (where we had purchased the stove) and they were very gracious with us. They told us to come in and pick out another stove. We picked out the 5-burner stove with the large capacity oven and a warming drawer. It was originally $2500 when we first saw it but was on sale for $1500. I guess we should have seen the red flag when the price was reduced by $1000. But we bought that one to replace the defective Samsung stove. Well about 8 months ago we kept getting an error of E08. I googled the error and Samsung advised you to shut off the circuit breaker or unplug the stove. So now every time we get the error, I have to pull the stove out from the wall and unplug the stove. Needless to say, in the future we will NOT be purchasing any more Samsung products. I cannot understand why they are rated so high.

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