Purchased the Samsung NX58F5300ss/AA Gas Range in December of 2013 from Best Buy. About two days ago my wife was going to cook breakfast but noticed the display panel was blinking and displaying the letters "SE". I called Samsung Customer Service, explained the problem to them. They told to reset the circuit breaker in the house panel box and that would fix the problem. Needless to say, that didn't fix the problem. I called Samsung again, told them their "fix" did nothing. Samsung offered to setup an appointment for a service call but would not tell me what the service call would cost nor would they give me any information as to the probable problem could be.

Based on other reviews, this error code of "SE" is a known problem but Samsung has not been helpful at all in trying to help me resolve the problem. Also based on other reviews I agree that it would be cheaper to buy a new range rather than calling a Samsung repairman.

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