We purchased Samsung WA5451ANW/XAA, 12/2011. After two years, rust appeared around bleach dispenser and paint began to bubble up as it got bigger. My practice is to always keep the lid open when not in use and soap dispenser drawer pulled out to dry out the tub between uses. We had the top portion of the machine replaced under warranty. Now two years later the rust is there again plus under the lip of the soap dispenser. Samsung's reply to our complaint was that it is only cosmetic and they will only change it out once.

In four years we had to change out the water pump and now the out of balance (dc) signal alarms with small or large loads. It may take a whole day to get one load done. The tub fills back up after manually adjusting the load, runs through rinse cycle again only to alarm again that it is unbalanced. The aggravation is not worth it and the rust is unacceptable! Shopping for a new machine now — IT WONT BE A SAMSUNG!!!

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