We bought a 50" Samsung Smart TV for $700.00. It died the day before the one year factory warranting ran out. I emailed them that day a couple of times and they asked for all he numbers then emailed again asking for the same info all over again. So then the next email they basically said, since there was no other complaints about our model they can't do anything. So I thought I'll find the Corporate office address and send a complaint. So I got on chat again and got India and said, I want the US chat and he gave me the link. I first got an agent, Sumeet K and we went through all the technical stuff and then I got dropped. So I went on again and got a James and said, I don't want to go all through this again, can I copy and paste my conversation with Sumeet and he said, give him the ID # of our conversation and he could not pull it up so I pasted the conversation and he ended up transferring me to Ashok a supervisor. We went round and round, and between the three I asked for the Corporate address and they would not give it to me or ignored my request. I told them a TV should last more than 364 days. So Ashok kept trying to sell me the Protection Plan Plus or send a repairmen but could no give me a quote on the cost. So again, I asked for the Corporate address to complain, and he came back and offered me free parts but I had to pay for labor, I said, no the parts could be 50.00 and labor 300 or more so I might as well buy a new TV and I will not buy anything from Best Buy again also. So again, I asked for the Corporate office address or I'll just Google it. I thought that was the end of the conversation then he came back and said, we will send a repairmen and they would cover parts and labor. I asked, so no cost to us? He said yes, btw copy your chat conversations. So he set it up for me two days from now and the repairmen is coming 2 hours away. This whole thing took me about 3 hours. But the trick I figured out is, threaten to contact Corporate Office. Then that was settled and I asked him to send me a survey to compliment him and then he sends me the Corporate address of the President. Lol. So we'll see what happens. The one thing, I should have asked is if the repairman can't fix it will they replace it. I kind of doubt it. I will hate being out of 700.00. But even if this is resolved I will not buy another Samsung. We have two others which are fine. If we have to buy another TV I'm going with Amazon! That company never gives you a hassle in returns.

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