First off I have a horrid fear of dentists coming from a bad incident that happened when I was younger but I knew I needed partials for some of my back teeth so I chose Samuels Dental Arts because they offer complete sedation and there are not a lot of choices in Gettysburg.
I the fall of 2017 I went in to get a consultation on partials. I never even saw a dentist that day! A asst. took my x-rays and then I was called into a office with Paula Martin the office manager and given the hard sell and guilt trip about my teeth. They said I needed my existing crown replaced, two new crowns and a filling done(the tooth has never bothered me)plus I would need to get an additional 4 teeth pulled before I get partials. A total approximately $8, 000-$9, 000. They let me choose my dentist so I chose Dr. Julie Berger.
So in Nov/Dec of 17 I got the temporary crowns and filling done. Shortly after that I started having on/off throbbing pain in the filled tooth. I stopped in the office(I lived down the street)and told them but they assured me it was fine and that it will settle and it takes time. When I came back in a few weeks later to get my permanent crowns on I told Dr. Berger that my one filled tooth was on/off throbbing pain. Once again she visually looked at it and said it was fine and that it just needs to settle and sometimes it takes 6 mo or longer. One of the crowns was made improperly that day so they sent me home with another temporary. Within a few hours that temporary came off and I drove back to the office but they were closed but they were all inside having a weekly office meeting. I knocked on the door and they said "We're closed" so I held my crown up so they could see. The dental asst. came and let me in and took me back to put it back on. Dr. Berger was in the lobby but never even came back to look at it or say anything.
So in a couple more weeks I went back to get that permanent crown on told them again I was still having on/off pain in the filled tooth. Dr. Berger came in and snapped at me saying "I stand by my work and nothing is wrong. It needs to settle! She quickly looked at it and said as soon as the tooth above it gets pulled the aching tooth should feel better because she thought the tooth was resting on the filled tooth and aggravating it.
Come late Feb of 2018 I go and get the four teeth pulled with the oral surgeon(they don't pull teeth)and I'm still having the on/off pain in the filled tooth. They never offered to x-ray it to see if something else was going on but kept telling me it would settle.
Shortly after our house sold and we moved to NV to be close to my aging parents and this past 2 weeks I started having non stop excruciating pain. It was so bad I didn't sleep or eat for 24-36 hrs. I was physically ill and I couldn't go to work. Being new to NV I finally got into a dentist that took one x-ray on that tooth and said I needed a root canal. She put me on antibiotics and gave me pain meds but the pain meds gave me side effects so I can't take them. I called my new dentist and said I can't take the pain anymore so she gave me a partial root canal to drill out some of the nerves so I could get some relief until I get the full root canal(being new and a walk-in she's getting me in as soon as she can).
I've called Samuels Dental Arts a few times to complain and let them know what I'm going through and I don't get to talk to Dr. Berger as Paula Martin the office manager intervenes and says they did nothing wrong but sometimes fillings just go bad and that you need additional work. I said after just a few months? Maybe after years but not right away! I've been complaining about this tooth since Dr. Berger originally filled it and yet they did nothing about it. I called them and asked for them to pay for the root canal that I have to have done to repair it and they refuse. They also refuse to refund the cost of the original filling. I don't know how they can sleep at night knowing what pain they caused me and the mental anguish. I've also been going round and round with them to release my records to me so my new dentist can look at them.

Avoid this dental practice at all costs and go elsewhere. You put your trust into a health physician and all they have done for me has caused me mental anguish and pain. I physically shake and cry going into a dental office. As I said I've never experienced such excruciating pain before! I never have had tooth pain like this.

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