In my opinion this newly established retreat centre called Sanctuary 1860 who run Ayahuasca retreats in Portugal are a bad choice for someone looking to do Ayahuasca ceremonies.

This is because one of their associates threatened someone with death, someone who is also a noted Spiritual Master and author of six high-level transformational books. His work speaks of ethical integrity and the purity of Source.

This retreat centre hosted an Ayahausca retreat at the house of someone named Johannes Maasland. They were partners with him and he runs a centre called Earth Connection Portugal. That in itself is not a big deal, but severa. months ago, the Johannes guy was caught with 14 kilos of home grown cannabis and placed under police investigation.

Sanctuary 1860 knew that and decided to partner up anyway, sometimes hosting retreats at their place in Oliveira do Hospital, or sometimes at Earth Connection Portugal in Travanca da Lagos.

The reason they are not recommended is because one of the Sanctuary 1860 shamans called Johannes, got drunk and threatened to kill a Spiritual Master after wrongly accusing him of being a police informant.

Johannes claimed he had the power to cause someone to be killed, or hurt in such a way that a hospital visit would be required.

The most shocking thing about the scandal is that Sanctuary 1860 were told, and then they continued hosting a retreat three days later at the house of Johannes. This was after being told he because violently abusive, drunk and turned up on the doorstep of a Spiritual Master and threatened to kill him.

They continued to work with Johannes, and thus condoned the violent threats, only removing reference of him from their website once the Spiritual Master said he would have an ethical and moral duty to warn potential participants of the danger.

It could thus be said that the Sanctuary 1860 Portugal Ayahuasca Retreat Centre place profit above ethical and moral responsibility, as well as responsibility toward the safety of participants.

They work with those who get drunk when they are supposed to be on dieta, and who are supposed to be living an example for participants to follow.

Their discernment is bad and in my opinion, are not really suited as Ayahuasca guides or hosts. If you join up with someone arrested with a large haul of cannabis and other substances, one must expect scandal.

Being involved with those who threaten to kill Spiritual Masters also makes bad karma and obviously so – in this case the karma of scandal.
They made no apology whatsoever for the behaviour of Johannes, and continue running retreats.

Sanctuary 1860 are, or will be, under police investigation themselves.

In the light of what has happened, anyone registered to attend one of their retreats is advised to cancel and ask for their money back.

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