First off the loan was a co-buy and they stiffed me at the dealership in Mckinney TEX on the owner by which my rates went from, for good credit was 2.99%, then they changed it at 18% Because of my daughter's credit. The other is I have complained several times to Santander that they are not charging 18%. And they assured me it's 18% annually. I can see now that is not true. The loan started at just under 21K and 32 months later after paying $456.00 each month it's now $16,360.00 for payoff when that's what it was 10 months ago.

They wrote me when I asked for payment history and they said they are charging me a daily rate not annually yet my contract says annually (not at a rate of the unbalance). The loan was for 72 months and that is completed in 2019. However based on what I have paid and sent that will never happen at the rate they are charging interests. I am looking at an easy 2023-2025 payoff yet they say 2019 no problem.

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