I purchased a 2010 Suzuki Kizashi from CarMax in November of 2013. I have paid more than my monthly payment every month. Out of those payments of $450 a month since December of 2013 I have paid a sum of $7735.35 just in interest. Just $3000.00 in principal payments according to my payment history. But none of these numbers add up since my principal balance is still more than the price of the vehicle when I purchased it in November for the low price of $12,200. My current principal balance as of 11/8/15 is $12,640.76 with the payoff amount of $12,741.38.

Now when I call I can't get a straight answer from the so called CSR but if I don't pay and don't answer their calls they will not hesitate to slam my already struggling credit score even though I have never been late with them. Stay away from this company's loan department at all cost. If you go to CarMax and they offer Santander as your loan provider no matter how bad you want that vehicle or how bad you need it, turn around and walk away. You will thank me later.

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