There is no other way to explain these people. I had fell behind in August and when I mean fell behind I mean didn't make full payment but was still able to make partial. I had received a lump sum of money and made a big payment to Santander in September to cover payments for both months, all the while I did not know they were saying I had been behind over 50 days because I didn't make my full payment. November 6 rolls around. I find out that I am 80 something days late because I had still been making partial payments which now I know didn't matter. They were just taking the money.

Next thing you know car got repossessed November 11th! It took over a day to actually find out where my vehicle actually was and when I found it and tried to work a deal with Santander these agents gave me four different amounts! Finally I got an agent that told me I only had to pay 800 dollars and they would back bill the repo fee. I even got the tow yard to waive handling fees and I was able to pick my car up that Thursday from the Tuesday night it got repossessed. I will never let this happen again. Santander is just downright messy. No other way to explain these people. Trying to work a deal with my credit union now otherwise this car will run me out of my money dealing with Santander!!

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