In December 2014 I purchased a 2014 150cc Scooter. Everything went fine until I received the scooter, but NO proof of ownership at all. I called Scooter Depot to find out when I will be receiving any paperwork and they told me it was in the mail. So here I am with nothing at all to prove I actually own this bike and it be registered. I didn't receive any type of proof of ownership until March of 2015. The scooter was delivered in January 2015. There was some minor assembly required which I had a motorcycle mechanic assemble and check the bike over (tighten nuts, bolts, screws, etc.).in July (only 6 months later), I already had to replace the battery because we could not start it with the remote (had to kick start it). After that the bike just ran like, I began to wonder if the bike was even new. Now the drive belt (9 months later) has shredded to pieces and in the process of replacing the belt, the kick starter shaft broken off.

I have been trying to contact the dealer I purchased from which goes by many names. I have yet to reach any of them. Coincidentally, all the voice mail boxes are full and the answering system is now automated. The company listed in my 2008 manual (why 2008, I supposedly have a 2014) says I must contact Earthstone Studios doing business as Owl Scooters. When I called the number the woman who answered was quite snappy when I told her I had a question regarding my scooter warranty. She instantly snapped and told me they don't sell scooters. I Googled them, they are in fact the correct party to contact for warranty. This company under many names is extremely unprofessional and has screwed many customers who have had to deal with the runaround and never actually speaking any customer service regardless of the circumstances. Do not purchase anything for any of these companies as they are a scam/rip-off.

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