Last year I get Scotts Lawn Service salesperson phone call. He offer me $35 to do the service for my lawn front and back (Two years ago Scotts service my lawn-front and back for $39.) I agree with that and paid the money each time they come out for the service (I never have a chance to see how is the service the done). During this summer time I am complain about many weeds. They sent someone come and mail me a report about the condition for my lawn which includes my front and backyard lawn situation. Till Sep-14-2015 I find out they only do the job for my front yard and do nothing for my backyard. They said for that price is only for the front yard which is different with the salesperson said. For me that's the salesperson lie to me and company, but for me is Scotts Lawn Service try to get customer's contract lie to customer.

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