Wow, I was wondering about these expensive Seacret products that I, too, was pressured, coerced, and flattered into buying at Jordan Creek Town Center in West Des Moines, IA. So, went online and found I am not alone in being suckered into this. Usually I could ignore them or get by them somehow, but not this particular day. They roped me in with the hand/nail stuff, which, I actually do like. Next thing I know, my eyes and everything else need help and I've got stuff all over my face and the guy is charming to say the least. He kept sweetening the deals, changing the price, etc. And I'm very embarrassed to say I spent around $350!

I'm sick and tired of these people constantly harassing me when I go to the mall. Had the same issue in Florida when I lived there. There is another company at the Jordan Creek Town Center, the Vine Vera people, and they are also very pushy to the point of harassment. Next time I go to the mall and any of these kiosk people won't leave me alone, I'm reporting it to the mall management. I've had enough!

As for the actual products, hand products are nice. Face/eye products, I can't see that they are any better than any of the other products out there you can purchase at any of the cosmetic or department stores for a fraction of the cost. Seacret will tell you they will last you longer. But trust me, they do not. Feeling ripped off by way too expensive products!

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