Called Sears home service. Week later, repairman came out, only cleared some codes. Told us to use liquid soap and not the little square tabs. Left, saying the dishwasher was in working order. It ran all night. Called again, they ordered a drain pump and a control panel. Repair person said didn't need a drain pump but did replaced the control panel. Left saying it is in working order. Dishwasher still does not work. I turn it on and within 2 minutes the lights on the control panel just start blinking.

My question is, why can't the repair person dx the problem with the dishwasher? Why do I have to tell a person on the phone what the issue is? Because I have no idea what I'm talking about…"It doesn't work" is all I know. I am not a repair person. That's what I am paying you guys for. Next week is Thanksgiving and I feel certain it won't be repaired before then. Oh and when I "chatted" the 3rd time I was told they could not reschedule the appointment that was for earlier that day… Does that make any sense? I didn't need them to reschedule. I need them to come back out and fix the dishwasher.

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