Here are the facts: Purchased and had delivered from Sears Online on 9/15/15, a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Model 7248. Beautiful machine, very pleased. Six weeks later, it quit refrigerating. Later learned that this is an LG product that is manufactured by Sears, but I did not see that as an issue as Sears would stand by the product.

On 11/3 Sears technician Jack arrived and in short order determined the following: He had never worked on this model finding the motherboard not was he was accustomed to seeing. Pressing on he determined the following: needed a new 3-way valve which he had with him and installed. Still no refrigeration. Said he would be back on 11/12 to fix with additional 3 parts: Valve Assy, Compressor and a Drier Assy which would be shipped in the interim to us by UPS. Hey, I have a garage, why not?

He advised us that since he would in effect be "breaking the seal" on the unit with his repairs, we should call Customer Solutions and see about an exchange for a whole new unit instead. I was thinking this was a better solution anyway. Granted we were over by 2 weeks on the 30 day exchange policy, but Sears would recognize the calamitous nature of the breakdown and given their reputation for customer service (and the fact that we purchased an additional 4 year repair warranty – $800 – total investment with taxes on the frig $3900), all would be well.

Not so, hours on phone with Sears Customer Solutions (Damian of AZ) on 11/4 provided the below listed results. Damian claimed over 20 times that he was the highest authority that I could deal with over the phone. He would steadfastly repeat that I was two weeks over the 30 day period and nothing would be done save that the repair person would proceed with the repairs on the designated date. He also said that I could write a letter to Sears Chicago (he would provide address) and seek a higher authority. We went around and around and he reluctantly granted the following: I qualified for $80 off on a mini refrigerator to be used while I waited for repairs.

Many minutes later, he said that if the repairs could not be accomplished on 11/12, he would try and see if I could get a new replacement. More minutes later, he further added that since the repair was scheduled to repair only 3 functional areas, and that I needed 4 such areas to qualify for a new machine, (where did this come from?) Well, I thought I saw a crack in the wall, so many more minutes later, I pointed out to him that a copy of the 11/2/15 technician visit demonstrated that there were 4 functional defects. So happens the technician had the 3 way-valve with him and replaced it, so – gotcha! We are down to three and I remain unqualified.

Wish the Seahawks had a front line as consistently impenetrable as Damian. I am retired and can wait around on a phone for hours. I can also spend days writing on any number of forums and addressing any number of grievance letters to any number of semi-interested parties: State, Federal, Local, public or private. I might draw the line at PETA or the YMCA, but I will dedicate myself to letting all who will listen know that Sears is not a company that listens or can be trusted. Dear reader, also be advised, that Sears regards an online sale direct to them as not being as good as one from a store visit. Records and remedies are more favorable to a face-to-face purchaser. This came to me from one of the several Customer Solutions folks I spoke with before reaching my last frontier with Damian. Sears, I need immediate action on this notice, i. E. A new refrigerator.

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