I am not at all likely to refer anyone to Sears. I am exhausted with Sears customer service. There is absolutely no sympathetic understanding of my situation: On the 23rd my Whirlpool dryer refused to work for the 4th/5th time in 3 years. The malfunction is the same part as always. I call customer service and had to deal with the most monotone, disinterested, and defensive associate I've ever dealt with. He scheduled me for a service December 8th. I am sick of this dryer. I never know when it will not work. It would seem to me that Sears would be more immediate to respond to such a situation – after all, it has been several times for the same issue. Sears has spent more in repairs and man hours than I paid for the dryer. If this happens again, I will buy another dryer, but it will not be from Sears. I regret that I bought all my kitchen and laundry appliances from Sears. The attitude is, "We will get to you when we get to you." I think Sears should live up to its advertising.

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