I called this afternoon about the batman flipeez and talked to Laurie. She found 11 hats for me. We give these to needy families so I was so excited. She asked if I wanted to use my points for my order. I said "sure". They would not work so she transferred me to Shop Your Way Rewards. I could not use them on my order since my order had clearance items. I was fine with that. I asked them to transfer me back to her which of course did not happen. I ended up talking to 6 more people. Several told me there were no more available. One said 5 were available. I ended up talking to Laurie again. She said there were 6 available. I was ecstatic. After her having trouble with the system forever, she finally told me there were no more available. You BETTER BELIEVE we'll be at Sears talking to a manager to get my hats. I was on the phone with them for four hours. Sooo ridiculous!

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