I have been paying for Sears home warranty since January. Last week, my dishwasher and dryer stopped working within 24 hours. I put in a claim and specifically asked for one technician to come out and repair both so that I wouldn't have to take multiple days off of work. The woman scheduling called Sears to confirm that one tech would come out to repair both and told me that if I waited a week, she could schedule me the tech who worked with dishwashers and dryers. The tech was supposed yesterday between 8 and 12pm. I received a call in the morning about a tech coming, but when he got here he said that he only repaired dishwashers. The dishwasher tech said that he would need two parts but that the system would only let him order one at a time, so he would have to come back with one part one week and then order the second part and COME AGAIN to put that in. He took $60, ordered one part and left.

The second tech called an hour after to say he was on the way but that it would cost me another $60 even though both appliances were on the same work order. When I told him that he said okay and then called back 20 minutes later to say his boss said not to come unless I paid him $60. I told him I would call Sears and have them tell him that I didn't have to pay him. When I called Sears I was told that the tech took it upon himself to CANCEL THE APPOINTMENT. I was transferred numerous times after that until someone put me on hold and then hung up. When I called Sears again, I was transferred a few times before speaking to someone who told me a tech would come to my home the next day (today) between 10 and 2pm. I took a half day off of work today and when I called Sears to make sure the tech was coming, was told that the tech would actually come at 2:30pm because of some delay.

I had to take the full day off of work and called the home warranty people at 3pm when he still hadn't arrived and was told that he is now expected to come between 4 and 5pm today. I have now taken TWO days off of work, have only had one appliance checked out, and the technician wasn't even allowed to order the parts he needed to repair the appliance, have had one dryer tech cancel an appointment and have had another who is extremely behind but does not have THE DECENCY TO CALL AND LET HIS CLIENTS KNOW and have yet to have my second appliance checked out. Do NOT get this service unless you have no job and all of the time in the world to wait for technicians and to call the home warranty center multiple times only to be transferred and hung up on.

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