I just want to register a complaint. I have been purchasing Sears appliances since 1964, and never have had a major problem.in 2013, in March, I purchased a new Kenmore

refrigerator, with an icemaker and freezer on the bottom.in just over the first year, the door-light switch had to be replaced. The freezer bin has broken, and today,

November 5th, 2015, just over two years, the icemaker malfunctioned. All I can say, is that the workmanship on this product and the quality of the appliance are very poor.

I also have a Kenmore dishwasher which also is just a few years old, and just recently it started leaking water. Upon an inspection of the door, I found that one of the screws holding the door was almost out and when we proceeded to tighten it, we found that several more of the door screws had to be tightened.

Another thing that happened was that I ordered a new Kenmore glasstop stove which was delivered, but it was dented, and the bottom drawer was crooked, and there were numerous defects. It was definitely a second. I called and ordered a Frigidare and it is so much better, and I was always told that that brand was not the best.

I don't know who Sears contracts with to manufacture the Kenmore line. All I can tell you is that I will no longer buy that line of appliances.


Marie Bartz

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