I needed a refrigerator as soon as possible. I purchased a refrigerator on the website for delivery the next day. Through a series of events Sears charged me twice for a refrigerator. They can't return the funds until 3 to 5 business days. I am understanding of that and I don't have an issue with that. But this company doesn't not communicate anything with you. They will tie your time and money up without letting you know what is going on with your product. I won't be receiving my refrigerator in the next two days which doesn't help me at all.

My whole point in writing this is to let you know that Sears has no problem taking your money, but they will deliver whenever they feel like it. They won't communicate with you and expect you to miraculously know the status. The customer service representatives are not helpful either once you actually call. You have to speak to a supervisor to get any real answers and even then, don't expect any results. Here I am out of over $2000 without my product until they feel like delivering something that I deem as a necessity. Sears has not been a reliable company for me.

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