I order a coat from kmart.com "KMART" not even sears! However I chose the item to be ship to the store, they suggested sending it to the kmart in town fine! I'm usually a small but the item runs big, so I went to return it in the bag it came, tags attached an invoice to be told that the item was from SEARS! However went to sears 25 minutes away! To be told they can't accept the item cause it might be from outside vendors! But it's not! I then call customer service and they told me they should accepted the item at KMART where I pick up that they don't understand, to go and call them from there but after reading all this reviews I doubt they'll do that! About to post it on facebook with the picture of the item where it shows was from kmart so they stop playing games and prevent that people that work hard bring their business to them to be riped like that avoid Sears & Kmart online orders you can't return on the stores if something goes wrong you hve to ship it yourself at your own expense This christmas no Sears/Kmart until they apologize in national tv and guarantee that this is not going to happen again!

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