I purchased a Home Warranty Service based on recommendation of Sears technician after he serviced our Sears brand Washer. After several months, we called to service the washer and AF Services, a third party provider was called out to our home. 4 visits later the issue remains unresolved – the same technician came back, a part was ordered and 10 days later arrived, installed without any resolution of the same service code (F20). After complaining to both Sears Home Warranty and AF Services, Morgan, the Sears Claims supervisor, stated that as they have paid AF Services and are hold them to task to finish the service. So, at this point I have made about 20 phone calls, wasted 4-5 afternoons and am still waiting for a technician, who is clearly overbooked, to arrive at our home. Don't bother with Sears Home Warranty. The aggravation and lack of service is not worth the "peace of mind" they claim to offer.

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