I purchased a refrigerator from Sears in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan on September 5,2015 and an electrical problem developed less than two months later. I called and scheduled a warranty appointment on Nov 2, with the appointment scheduled for Nov 4. On that day the technician called and requested directions to the address which was incorrect from the start. Rather than call dispatch and correct the address issue, they cancelled the service call and did nothing to reschedule.

I have now talked to at least 6 people over a 24 hr period and all they will do is schedule a new appointment for over a week later. I have escalated the call to a supervisor twice to no avail and they will not allow me to escalate any further and are not willing to do anything further. I find this totally unacceptable… The issue was created by the service organization and they are unwilling to accept accountability and find way to support the customer. This is the second out of two times I have had terrible service from Sears Delivery/Service in two years. I find this totally unacceptable behavior and very poor customer support.

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