I usually don't leave negative feedback but am very unhappy with my latest interaction with the Sears delivery team. I took a vacation day to have my newly purchased washer/dryer and refrigerator delivered. The washer and dryer was ok and installed without a hitch. The refrigerator was scratched on the front so i was told by the driver they could install it and then bring me another one but before he unloaded it he told me the opening of the door was too small and i would have to reorder a smaller size. I took care of the issue and another delivery date for today was set up. I received 3 different calls with 3 different delivery times, 3-5,3.30 to 5.30 and 4 to 6. My refrigerator was emptied at 3 and the food stored in insulated bags, we disposed of my old refrigerator and here it is almost 8 pm and no refrigerator. I started calling at 5.30 and every 30 minutes after that, each time the represenative told me the delivery was in route. The last 2 i spoke with said they sent an email to the driver to have him call me, this has not happened. I will be contacting the store in the morning to make arrangements for them to reimburse me not only for the spoiled food from my fridge but the 1/2 days pay. If it is not delivered shortly i will be cancelling the order and i will no longer do any business with Sears.

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