I was so disappointed in my recent experience with Sears. I placed an online order for a set of dishes to expand a collection I already own in order to serve a large holiday dinner. I received my confirmation and delivery was set for 11/17. On 11/10, I received an email which said ONLY that my order had been cancelled. No reason was given. When I called to inquire why my order was cancelled, I spoke to a man with a very heavy accent that was difficult to understand. He told me only that UPS had been the one to cancel my order and I had to call them with any questions. An odd thing, since as far as I know, the package had never even shipped… I am supposed to call UPS with nothing more than my Sears order confirmation? He tried to re-order the item for me, but after a lengthy wait told me that they would not deliver to my zip code (an affluent, suburban area).

Even stranger, the item STILL showed available on their website during this call, for an even lower price than I had paid. After being told they couldn't help me, I went online and ordered from another company. Clearly Sears simply didn't want my business – a shame since I am quite the shopper/spender with the holidays approaching. I won't be wasting my time with Sears anymore after such a nonsensical run around for no apparent reason…

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