I'm an university student with barely enough cash to really be throwing it out on useless corporations. I saved enough to buy a wall mount for my step father gift a 40' RCA plasma TV. I went to Walmart and they had one at 86 something so I'm like 'let me try Sears' go there and find one 40' to 50' wall mount for 76 better deal so I ask the worker if this would work on my tv I mean 40' just as my tv. She's like 'your tv is 40? Then of course ' I paid with my debit card and was out in minutes.

Try to set it up at my dorm and turns out the base that supposed has to hold the tv has small holes on the base when you place it on the back of the tv where you have 2 screws on each side it covers the bottom screw. Sure I could just be like fluck it and just have 2 screws instead of 4 and let it fall to the floor but I instead nicely, with patience will travel 2 towns from where I live and see what they will try with me. I been reading the comments and honestly I no longer expect anything other than waiting and nothing probably store credit. (That I no need rather they refund my damn money, but comments say probably not.)

Told my father and he saw the problem he took measurements of the spaces between each screw and is taking the needed copy of the measurement on a paper so they can help me get the one I really need. I will let you know what happens on this trip, but I don't have high hopes. I do hope the same lady as yesterday was working so she knows what she damn asked me wrong.

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